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23.05.2005 10:57

Congrats, I've played this game and it's fun. I would like to see also TAP version though as it's much easier to emulate it on real ZX + divIDE than TZX. Thanks :)

22.05.2005 14:31

hey! Ghost Castles is really a GREAT game! i spent few hours by playing already, keep on good work!

15.04.2005 22:53

Congratulations from Argentina, for make games to the best computer!!! Thanks!

16.02.2005 18:14

Hi guys, certainly you know what´s going on today in Speccy community - I mean the latest adventures with denied distribution by Mr. McKenna (Odin / Thor) on World of Spectrum forum.
I have a little idea of creating a stupid game - or GOOD game, it depends :) can read it and maybe decide? It´s up to you.
Afterall, it´s just a pleasant joke ;) Have a nice day :)

The picture I created is just regular caricature with no futher meaning.
It was just funny idea with the picture and the game for emulator and it wasn´t of course any serious.

But I just realized it could work in many ways with positive purpose.

This is shortly the idea plus cons and pros of whole the benefit.

THE IDEA of the GAME: (as we can see on the picture )
Mr. McKe9 got alienated to the ZX community and Death wants to take over him for that. Our "hero" in order to survive must make some wise decisions and act as a real, worthy man.
THE GOAL of the GAME is:
- to find a way to become a human being once again (by changing the attitude and MANNERS)
- to be loved in Speccy community and
- to work for general benefit and satisfaction of all.
Then will Death let him go to live with us happily. (ever after..)

1.) Everybody would love this game, especially ZX fans. It certainly will be POPULAR.
2.) That´s the reason why Mr. McKenna will earn a lot desired money and will achieve his goal.
3.) He would also have oportunity to rethink his attitude and become a real good and loved member of this SPECCY WORLD - and WE would achieve our goal.

CONS: Unknown.
Well...just maybe that WE would play the game in odd manner (in nonstandard way)-not to win the game, just to see the Death taking him..

Anybody enough crazy to make it real?
I mean it (for fun) seriously this time...

09.11.2004 15:51

Thanks for make NEW spectrum games.
Flash beer is a great game!

Excuse my very poor english

06.11.2004 17:23

Soy de Argentina y nostálgico de las CZ Spectrum (clon de las ZX). Me alegro de que existan páginas relacionadas con esta maquinita. Adelante!

04.11.2004 04:53
Carlos Spindula

Keep this work at full speed !!! We, spectrum community, are on your side !!!

05.10.2004 09:41

speccy rulezzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26.06.2004 01:26
Guilherme Ribeiro

Keep up this wonderful work, my spectrum is still alive since 1986 ;) Awesome.

08.06.2004 04:45

I Loved!!! You still creatting new ZX Spectrum Games!!! KEEP IT ON!!! I'll put a link in my portuguese ZX Spectrum site to people visit you!!! Spectrum 4 Ever!!!

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