Chemicals Flash Beer Trilogy

The Flash Beer Story

Once upon a time there was a game. It was called Flasch Bier. It was avaiable only on C-64 ... those were hard days for ZX Spectrum fans. They couldn't play with this Boulder Dash-class game, no matter how many players would have wanted to ... back then ... however in the middle of year 2002 the WSS team decided to make this game on ZX-Spectrum. They planned and worked hard month-by-month and finally finished the Game! The Flash Beer Trilogy was created!

Features of the Flash Beer Trilogy
  • 3 games in 1 pack (Flash Beer 1, 2, 3)
  • Antique inlay card
  • Unique loader
  • Intro screen
  • Over 100 different rooms
  • Full colour graphics with animations
  • 2 channel music and effects on 48K Spectrum
  • AY music on 128K Spectrum (only 2 and 3 episode)
  • Animated movies
  • Tumbling menu
  • Scoring, timer and map on screen
  • Controlled by Keyboard, Sinclair, Cursor or Kempston joystick
  • 100% fast machine code

Episodes of the Flash Beer Trilogy

Flash Beer 1 - Room 12

1. The First Challenge

Welcome to the first challenge of Flash Beer!

You like beer very much but your wife has hidden all the bottles of beer in your large house. There are only 44 rooms and if you pass them all, you'll find the way to heaven. Unfortunately she was cleverer than you thought and she has set some guards on to take care of those bottles.

You must avoid all rocks and guards and find the way to your drink!


2. The Way of the Beer

Welcome to your birthday party!

Your friends threw a party for your 30th birthday. They invited you to a large mansion and made a suprise. When you entered the hallway you didn't see anybody but you got a sight of a nice present, a bottle of Beer. It isn't so easy to reach the beer because your friends keep you away from drinking. There are only 44 rooms and if pass them all, you'll have a fantastic night.

You must avoid all rocks and friends and find the way to your drink!

Flash Beer 2 - Loading screen

Flash Beer 3 - Main menu

3. Castle of Beer

Welcome to your dreamland!

One day you were sleeping soundly and you had a dream. In your dream you were locked up in a castle with many bottles of beer. What a nightmare! Every beer was guarded by ghosts! There are only 13 rooms and if you pass them all, you will wake up and the nightmare will end.

You must avoid all rocks and ghosts and find the way to your drink!

You can find more screenshots in the Flash Beer Gallery!

Press and Reviews

Flash Beer at the Micro Mart. Click to enlarge!

Micro Mart Magazine, UK,
Issue 757 July 17th 2003

One page at the retro_mart by favour of Colin Woodcock.


Visuals: 8
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 9
Value: 10
Overall: 7

Thank you Colin!

Flash Beer at the Retro Games. Click to enlarge!

Retro Games, Spain,
Issue 02, 2003

One page at the Retro Games Magazine by favour of Matra Corp.

Thank you Matra!

How to get Flash Beer Trilogy?


License Agreement:

This is a freeware. You cannot take freeware, modify or extend it, and then sell it as commercial or shareware software. The reproduction and distribution of freeware is allowed and encouraged as long as it is not for profit. This freeware is distributed in the hope that it will be useful and joyful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY ;-)

Download all parts of Flash Beer Trilogy, if you accept the terms in the license agreement!

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