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Secrets of Flash Beer

.: Why did we make Flash Beer?

Some people gave the game not too good a rating. Of course we could have made a better game but we think a TRUE Spectrum game should not depend on extra-superb 3D graphics or something alike, only on the playability. The game-makers have to find the balance between the graphics, sounds and the speed and have to give a real goal for the players in the game which is to entertain. What was our goal? Make a game in a short time that was not on Spectrum before. Why did we choose Flash Beer? We like it and this game could be made on Spectrum.

.: Were the next episodes planned?

Absolutely no. Then on the half way of the development we decided to make a trilogy. Sounds great, doesn't it? We thought it wouldn't be too hard, we would only add some new rooms. But this scheme didn't work for us! We created various maps, effects and finally this game became a trilogy!

.: What was the hardest point in the writing?

The graphic engine. That was a hard point, because we have no sprites unlike C64. We have to move 58 color objects in the 30th room (have to refresh 116 positons) in one screen refresh to avoid the 'screen-snowing'. We made some different versions, finally it worked (at around 2 am). The game is very fast, has 25 frame/sec!

.: What are the differences between Spectrum and Commodore versions?

Easier to tell what are the same. Only the first 44 rooms and the sprites-moving. Music, screens, movies, scores, cheat, so everything is different. The later episodes are absolutely different.

.: What was the biggest problem before the release?

The loader worked on emulators (.TZX file), but DID NOT WORK on the our ZX-Spectrum 48 ! Moreover it happened only one night before release ! Imagine this situation... finally we found the bug (in the emulators), corrected it and made the first cassette.

Finally, the 'Rain Over' (this screen was never used in game.)

Flash Beer Trilogy - Rain Over

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