Chemicals Ghost Castles

Ghost Castles

Features of the Ghost Castles

  • Human or computer players
  • Single or cooperative mode
  • Left or right handed screen
  • High score table
  • Demo mode
  • Full color graphics
  • Smooth moving sprites
  • 100% machine code
  • Digitized speech
  • G-Tech interface to analog joystick handling
  • ROM extension to Interface II (or compatible) owners
Ghost Castles - loading screen

What is the G-Tech interface?

G-Tech is a special joystick interface what can solve the using of analog joystick. It can be plugged into the Kempston interface and the other side to the analog joystick now it works. It has 2 working mode what can be selected by a switch. In the digital mode the joystick works like a traditional micro-switched joystick (no more problems buying or repearing the old joysticks). In the analog mode it sends the real position data to the interface where the games can read from.

It helps to write new games with this new chanches! Think many old games what was hard to play because the key press handling wasn't too comfortable. This game is the first which uses it but maybe other developers will use it.

G-tech analog joystick interface

What about ROM extension?

This ROM extension is a special 256K ROM what contains the game with more than 192K extras what are used in gameplay. It works with Interface II or other compatible types. Just plug in and the ZX-Spectrum 48K is not a simply 48K machine anymore! The special paging technology helps to access the game more memory!

ROM extension

What are the differences about cassette and ROM version?

The main game is absolutely same. It detects automatically the ROM being and uses extras or not. The ROM extension gives more suprises and fun! The playing time is longer around 3 times, new levels, lots of speech.

Is it working on emulator?

The cassette version is working fine but the emulators can't use this special ROM extension or G-Tech yet. Hopefully they will know, all information is available to developers.

Ghost Castles screenshots

Ghost Castles - Menu Ghost Castles - Choose playing mode
Ghost Castles - Ghost dance Ghost Castles - Inside the game

How to get Ghost Castles?

1. Free download

License Agreement:

This is a freeware. You cannot take freeware, modify or extend it, and then sell it as commercial or shareware software. The reproduction and distribution of freeware is allowed and encouraged as long as it is not for profit. This freeware is distributed in the hope that it will be useful and joyful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY ;-)

Click to download the FREE game, if you accept the terms in the license agreement!

2. Pre-ordering information

Package #1:
Cassette version

Package #2:
Casette version with G-Tech interface
(don't forget, Kempston interface is necessary too)

Package #3:
Ghost Castles ROM extension
(cassette version is not necessary)

Package #4:
Ghost Castles ROM extension with G-Tech interface

Package #5:
Special offer:
All of 3 product together

TV Game cassettes

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