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10.03.2009 14:58
We have a Winner!

Thanks to IvanZX, Ghost Castles came back to a short time.

We made a competition on WoS for Ghost Castles' players finding the entering of the Secret Word in the game.

First Price: 5 Euro

After a short time Shadow Maker wrote the solution. Congratulation!

We believe, IvanZX was the first person who saw the final ghost dance without any cheat, he took our second price as another winner!

Second Price: 5 Euro

Thank you guys, see you on next challenge!

06.12.2007 22:00
New game has been released

Weird Science Software proudly presents the ZX Spectrum version of the legendary Wizard of Wor.

16.11.2007 09:23
Few days left

There are only few days left to the Spectrum-party of the year in Budapest. We have been working hard and finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Deadline: 30th of November 2007
First showing: 1st of December
Web site access: 6th of December ?

but which year? :)

05.10.2007 15:33

We forgot but the PayPal has been working now in Hungary so everybody can pay this cheap and easy way. As soon as possible it will be used on this site.

26.09.2007 21:22
One step forward

Yes, really. We made one step forward. There will be a Spectrum party at the end of November. is a would be a presentation day of something new ? Who knows :)

ps: The party will be in Hungary. A big meeting/show of club in every year. Foreign visitors are welcome! Just write me for information.

23.07.2007 12:48

Hi there !

No more news. The game project has stopped but would restart in anytime. There will be a big Spectrum meeting at the end of this year - group will be 10 years old - maybe we will surprise us with this 'under construction' game.

Have a nice holiday !

21.12.2006 10:49
Merry Christmas to everbody

without our new game :(

Beg your pardon but our free-time was limited in the last month but we promise you will have a 'new' game soon.


ps: anyway the end of December is not a good time to release something :)

18.10.2006 22:42
Good news

We are back :) We have been working on a 'new' game. Our plan declared a short deadline...before Christmas.

Trust us !

11.04.2006 23:18

We are in a silent period, but do not worry, we are back soon! Until that we
check our site and guest book from time to time. Only 8 tapes left (3 FLB, 4
TV-Game, 1 Ghost Castles) waiting their owners!

21.05.2005 20:05
Ghost Castles - Brand new game has released

Finally this new game is available to download. Check on the Chemicals section !

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