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07.01.2005 22:20
About the situation of current project

Well-well, we felt into a big mistake. If you make a game, you do it for players not for programmers...the playability is worse than we thought. Fortunately we have some ideas about solving this problem but it takes more days. It is not impossible, so go forward !

Finished jobs:

* almost everything in game (need some sound effect and messages and playability)
* intro screen
* loader and cassette inlay
* special suprises
* advertising and marketing strategy :)

08.12.2004 22:42
Bad news - good news

Don't be frustrated but we couldn't release our next game before Christmas. We run out of deadline, we didn't want to make you sad. Now we are still working hard on finishing, just some little steps sepate us from the goal. Thanks for all support, we promise to report sooner !

20.10.2004 23:26
Still working

We have been working our next game, be patient !

09.04.2004 23:07
Next plan for the end of 2004

The planned chapter of a new game has been finished ! This will be an arcade game ! With a little bit luck we can finish it around December of 2004.

25.03.2004 16:30
Fire 4ever burned up the FOReVER five!

After 12 years break time on the scene, we released our new demo for the FOReVER five party. It called Fire 4ever. It is a small 1k intro, but it contains several hard tricks, like a realtime 4 point average fire effect, trilinear filtered smooth texts, 16 chunk pixelcolors and 7 attribute colors. By the way... this is the WINNER on the intro compo of the FOReVER five party!

IF you are interest THEN GO TO the chemicals page to download OR GO TO the

29.02.2004 00:01
New game released!

Here is a special new game that extends the power of ZX-Spectrum!

It has extra wide screen, uses not 256, 288 * 192 pixel and not 2 colors, 8 colors in an attribute with smooth graphics in the game!

Click 'Chemicals' and choose TV-GAME!

For emulator users: Read instructions before load!

29.02.2004 00:00
New age has been started !

Our web site has changed and moved to a new server. It has new style and face (thanks to Edy) where you can find many new information about WSS Team's games and members!

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