Philosophy of WSS Team

Every program of WSS Team will be FREE and will have a cassette version for collectors.
The original ZX-Spectrum 48K machine is preferred to all others.
All things should be completed.

Edy & Pgyuri
(c) 2004 Weird Science Software


Scientists of the Weird Science


  • code, graphic, music, web
  • member since 1990, founder of the WSS team
  • married
  • Spectrum owner since 1984
  • favourite games: Manic Miner, Myth, Target Renegade, Great Escape, Skool Daze, Back to skool, Turbo Esprit
  • owned hardware and software: ZX Spectrum 48, 128, +2, + lightgun, Speccy-Dos , joystick, over 100 original games


  • code, graphic, idea, test
  • member since 2002
  • real player, decoded many games, found many POKEs; made maps, finished over 200 games
  • married, has two daughters
  • has 2 dogs (Golden Retriever), has a 250 l Amazonas-type aquarium with many kind of fishes
  • plays basketball, football, pool-billiard
  • owned hardware and software: ZX-Spectrum 48+ (this was his first machine in 1985), ZX-Spectrum 48 (rubbered keys), ZX-Spectrum 128, ZX-81, Kempston interface, Turbo Interface, ZX-Interface 1 + microdrive + cartridges, ZX-Interface 2, ZX-Printer, joystick, Sanyo mono tape-recorder (from 1985)


  • graphic, software test, inspires the programmers for more effective work :-)
  • plays basketball, billiard, poker and builds hardwares for the ZX Spectrum
  • favourite games: Video Pool, Penetrator, Nautilus, Bomb Jack, Manic Miner, Fighter Bomber, Spy Hunter, Rick Dangerous, Turbo Esprit
  • owned hardwares: ZX Spectrum 48k, 128k, +2B, +3, ZX Interface 1 + microdrive, ZX Interface II, Lightgun, Multiface 1, Multiface 128, Multiface 3, MicroPoker, Kempston and Protek joystick interface, Videoface Digitiser, ZXCF, QuickShot 2 joystick, Sinclair SJS2 joystick


  • code
  • member 1990-1993, founder of the WSS team


  • graphic
  • member 1990-1992


History of the Weird Science Software Team

The time before 1982


Sinclair ZX-Spectrum was born


WSS Team was established
members: Leslie, Andrew, Adam


WSS MegaDemo 1 was published
2nd place in 'Discovery of the Year' category
5th place in 'Graphics' category on Judgement Day competition

1993 - 2001.

Silent period


WSS Team was reborn
members: Edy (alias Adam), Pgyuri


Flash Beer Trilogy was published
cassette version is available


TV-GAME was published
cassette version is available

WSS website has been started

Fire Forever Demo won in 1K cathegory on Forever 5 party


Ghost Castles has been released
cassette and cartridge version is available

From now the G-Tech analog joystick interface is supported by the WSS games


Wizard of Wor has been released
cassette version is available

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