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TV Game

Did you ever play with the TV-GAME which was one of the first games in the early 70s? Oh well, you may think this is the game that can be found in thousand versions on Spectrum. Really. Don't expect too much of this game but believe me the downloading isn't worthless. Why?

This game extends the power of ZX-Spectrum!

Features of the TV Game
  • Extra wide screen ... not 256, 288 * 192 pixels!
  • More colors ... not 2, 8 colors in an attribute!
  • Smooth, pixel perfect moving
  • 4 different games (tennis, wall-tennis, football, hockey)
  • Mono / color screen
  • Easy / hard speed
  • 1 or 2 players in a team
  • Player vs computer and player vs player
  • Demonstration game
  • Unique loader
  • Multicolor calibrator
  • Cassette version is available - order to feel nostalgy
TV Game - Loading screen

TV Game screenshots

TV Game - Main Menu TV Game - In the game

You can find a special graphics engine in the game which gives

you larger screen and more colors in the game!

Play a game with your children!

Let's play on the border!

Try it immediately!

Get Ready!


How to get TV Game?


License Agreement:

This is a freeware. You cannot take freeware, modify or extend it, and then sell it as commercial or shareware software. The reproduction and distribution of freeware is allowed and encouraged as long as it is not for profit. This freeware is distributed in the hope that it will be useful and joyful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY ;-)

Click to download the FREE game, if you accept the terms in the license agreement!

Notes for emulator users

Tested emulators:  
RealSpec 0.96.16 recommended, perfect running
SpecEmu 1.3 recommended, perfect running
Spectaculator 5.0 recommended, almost perfect running
R80v30 not working
Spin 0.41 not working
Z80 4.00 not working
ZX32 2.00 not working

Select the hardware to ZX-Spectrum 48K machine (not 128K in 48K mode) without any kind of interface (mainly Interface I)

Select tvgame.tzx file to load (turn off FastLoad option or something else for real enjoy)

Type LOAD ""

2. And now ... here is a special offer for TRUE collectors of Spectrum cassettes!

You can pre-order this game on a classic ZX Spectrum compatible cassette.

Don't forget! This game works only on original ZX Spectrum 48K or 48+!

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