Chemicals Wizard of Wor

Wizard of Wor

The Wizard holds the dungeon with her magic

Welcome to the Mystical Kingdom of Wor!

You have been placed in command of an elite squadron of Worriors assigned the task of outwitting the sinister Wizard of Wor! As you descend into his diabolical dungeons, you will encounter deadly Worians and maybe even the Wizard himself! Your only weapons are your trusty laser, your radar scanner, and your ability and cunning. You will need them all as you attempt to beat the Wizard and earn the title of Worlord! Prepare now, and then let the battle begin!

Features of the Wizard of Wor ZX version

  • Original gameplay
  • Full colour graphics
  • Animated moving sprites
  • Sounds and music
  • 1 or 2 players mode
  • Scoring, timer and radar on screen
  • High score table
  • Unique loader
  • ZX Interface II joystick support
  • 100% machine code
  • Exclusive inlay card for the cassette

Object of the Game

The object of Wizard of Wor is to accumulate points by destroying the Worians you encounter as you pass through numerous dungeon mazes. In the two-player version you can work with or compete against another Worrior commander.

Worriors & Laser Blasters

You begin each game with a squadron of three Worriors. Only one Worrior may enter and move about a dungeon at a time. Push up on your joystick and the Worrior will move into the dungeon from the entrance below.

Use your joystick to maneuver the Worrior through the dungeon maze. To fire the laser, press down the fire button. A laser will fire only in the direction that your Worrior is facing. You have an unlimited supply of ammunition. However, after a Worrior fires a shot, he cannot reshoot until that bullet makes contact with either a Worian or a wall.

Dungeons & Worians

Each dungeon is filled with different kinds of Worians. The Worians' one purpose in life is to destroy your Worrior. They will try to shoot him down or devour him. As each dungeon is cleared, a new dungeon takes its place, filled with faster, nastier and craftier Worians. The species of Worians are:

Six of these blue meanies appear at the beginning of each dungeon.

These yellow beasties are invisible, but will materialize for a few seconds from time to time.

These red devils are particularly nasty. They're not invisible most of the time, but they're extra tricky.

In the first dungeon, a Garwor and a Thorwor will appear only after all six Burwors are destroyed. In following dungeons, Garwors and Thorwors appear earlier on. As you advance into more and more dungeons, you may be faced with any combination of Worians scampering about the maze at the same time.

Starting in the second dungeon, Worluk - the Wizard's winged beast - appears after the last Worian is shot. Worluk will try to devour you before he escapes from the dungeon. Shooting Worluk doubles the point values for all Worians shot in the next dungeon.

Wizard of Wor
After Worluk escapes or is shot, the Wizard himself may engage you in battle. This is a fight to the finish, with the Wizard teleporting from one position to another, hurling lightning bolts in your direction. If you're sharp enough to stay alive, consider yourself a Worlord!

Special Features

The picture describes the structure of the dungeon

Radar Screen
The radar scanner located below each dungeon depicts the location and movement of all beings in that dungeon except for your Worrior. This holds true for both visible and invisible Worians. The radar scanner is invaluable in keeping track of fast moving Worians.

Escape Doors
There are escape doors located on opposite sides of each dungeon. Simply stepping into one will automatically beam your Worrior to the other side. The doors open and close every ten seconds. Be careful, though. Worians have a habit of using them, too, especially when they're invisible.

Worian Clusters
Occassionally, two Worians will travel together as a cluster, giving the appearance of only one Worian. They might randomly split up and reunite throughout a particular dungeon. When they travel in this manner, a single shot will destroy both of them. But don't get too confident. Depending on how advanced the dungeon is, a cluster might be replaced by two separately traveling Garwors or Thorwors.

Two-player version

Two players may travel through each dungeon at the same time. Both ZX Interface II Joystick Controllers (or Interface II keys) are used in this version. The joystick right controls the Yellow Worrior and the joystick left controls the Blue Worrior. Players may work together to destroy Worians or they may fight against each other. Each Worrior destroyed by an opposing Worrior is worth 1,000 points to the survivor.

ZX Spectrum screenshots

Wizard of Wor's first dungeon, Wurwors and two players Wizard of Wor's Double Score - can be reached when Worluk is shot
Wizard of Wor's arena, the most difficult dungeon Wizard of Wor's sixth dungeon, Wurwors, Burwors and a Thorwor

How to get Wizard of Wor ZX Spectrum?

1. Free download

License Agreement:

This is a freeware. You cannot take freeware, modify or extend it, and then sell it as commercial or shareware software. The reproduction and distribution of freeware is allowed and encouraged as long as it is not for profit. This freeware is distributed in the hope that it will be useful and joyful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY ;-)

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